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Cemetery Man (1994)

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

This is a dark offbeat horror romantic comedy available on youtube. This film was directed by Italian Michele Soavi, who has a healthy acting and directing career most notably as the assistant director to films like Tenebrae, Demons and Phenomena, which are all top tier horror classics. It is the story of a cemetery caretaker and his assistant who must re-kill all the corpses in the cemetery when they turn into zombies. Why? They don't say. This eventually causes problems when some of the corpses become love interests. It is a dark look at love and death. The practical effects look good; I really like the blue flames, I had never seen anything quite like that. This film provides zombies, gore, decapitation, nudity, violence and -if you have a weak stomach- overly cheesy love scenes. This film has an incredible set and atmosphere. The mix of horror and comedy can leave you feeling like you're watch two different films at times. The comedy and horror do mix well most of the time but can feel a bit incongruous at other points in the film. There is alot going on including a fair amount of necrophilia, decapitated zombie heads and other fun I don't want to mention in this review. If you're in for a film to shock you this is it. If you want to laugh and shock some friends, this is the one for you. I give The Cemetery Man a 6 out of 10. Watch at your own risk, this is not a film for everyone but I think some people would really enjoy the unique vision of Michele Soavi.

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