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Shock Wave (1977)

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

How boring can a movie about nazi zombies be? This film aims to answer that question. I had never heard of this film before stumbling upon it while exploring different streaming platforms and getting hooked in by the great cover art. I found this one on Peacock at the time I am writing this. A group of sailors find an island with a group of secretive under water nazi's zombies. This can go in the "cover art is better than the actual movie" category. This was directed by Ken Wiederhorn who has a smaller directing resume. It stars Peter Cushing, has a good atmospheric score, great looking zombies and effects (we could have used more of them). I can't understate how boring I found this movie, nothing happens other than some people show up to an island and then get chased off by zombies. The kills happen off screen and are always tame, one is a woman floating in an aquarium. I hated the end of the film it was as flaccid as the rest of the movie. I would score it, 3 out of 10. I thought this had a lot of potential and fell way short. As always some people might like this, if you don't need more blood violence or gore in your horror or if you are a fan of that 70's aesthetic check it out. It certainly has a cool concept.

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