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My Bloody Valentine (1981)

A Canadian classic and a bonafide must see horror film. This movie stands out among the slasher craze because of the unique killer and stand out performances. George Mihalka directed his best movie early in his long career and this is one every horror fan must see. It delivers twists weather you see them coming or not or weather they make sense or not. I remember this movie most for they goofy 80's cheese, the dudes are always hamming it up in over the top fashion. There is a story about a love triangle between the main characters as well as a maniac killer running through town killing people mostly the old timers. This is a good looking film and sounding film it's easy to follow, each character is distinct and has a fair amount of screen time. I don't have a lot of negative things to say about it because i'm not trying to be hyper critical,I just want to give it an over all general vibes review. This is not one of my favorite movies but if it's valentine's day and you want an excuse to watch a horror movie this is a good one, it is full of valentine's day aesthetic. I feel this a strong 7 out 10 for me being leading example of the most prolific year of the slasher craze.

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