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Visiting Hours (1982)

I was suprised to learn this was a Canadian slasher after sitting through a film with that dark of a tone. This is a great slasher that no one ever mentions. It stars Michael Ironside as the absolutly ruthless slasher and Lee Grant and Linda Purl as our final girls. I can't say enough how under rated This slasher is. It is kind of rare to find a slasher that really scares you but this one does. It is very based in reality and events like this have surely gone down somewhere at sometime. The cast is perfect Linda purl steals every scene she is in and Michael Ironside doesn't even have to try to look creepy and scary, that's just his face. The story is not small but easy to follow, this is not your run of the mill basic Friday the 13th film. I dare say Colt Hawker is scarier than Micheal, Jason or Freddy, But I feel the same way about Mick Taylor of Wolf Creek fame. I would recommend this to any horror fan without question. It might not be for the squemish though there are a lot of depictions of violence and plenty of domestic violence. I give this one an 8 out of 10. This is one of my solid choices when i want to be a little scared home alone. I haven't even mentioned it has William Shatner who I assume was just a namesake hire because he is not a main character in this one.

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