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The Changeling (1980)

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

This is a slow burner all the way. I compare it to "Session 9" or "Rose Red". This film feels like mostly background noise. It opens with an underwhelming accident involving an unfortunately placed pay phone and then the film hits the brakes. It follows George C. Scott as the lead John Russel and the psychological torture he goes through after watching his wife and child die in the opening scene. George C. Scott is great alongside his wife Trish Van Devere. This is a haunted house story. A familiar narrative of a ghost trying to solve its own murder. It's a lot of dialog and researching a backstory. This was directed by Peter Medak, who did mostly T.V.. With no gore, violence, jumpscares or cheesy special effects, the film uses the house to take it's time in building tension and suspense. This can be hard for some people to sit through. If you like movies that don't need violence and action to be interesting than you might like this. I give it an 6 of 10. This film does have plenty to offer, I recommend it if you are ready to fully commit to the two hour long journey.

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