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Black Christmas (1974)

Updated: May 13, 2022

Black Christmas is one of a kind and a truely terrifying horror movie that happens to take place on Christmas. The killer is not motivated by the holiday. The scariest part and best aspect of this particular killer who is like an unpredictable wild dog lacks identification and motivation. Always obscured by objects or shadows leaving a lot to the imagination. It is directed by Bob Clark who also directed A Christmas Story, Porky's, and Baby Geniuses. Four years before Halloween got all the praise and credit for its famous P.O.V. shots Black Christmas was doing it better. These shots really look good. This movie also came five years before When a stranger calls. Making it the original "the caller is in the house" movie. I don't know why this movie is not more popular. You have to have grown up with this movie or be an avid horror fan to really know of it.

The whole cast is talented, and have good chemistry. The characters are well developed and are varying degrees of naughty and nice. As a Christmas party comes and goes the killer picks off the girls one by one, calling them on the phone to terrorize them with some of the scariest ramblings you can imagine through out the night. An alcoholic house mother helps a distraught father search for his daughter as the rest of the subplots unfold and the mystery continues. This film looks very good and is loaded with amazing dialog. A truely underrated must see classic. I give a 9 out of 10.

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