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Deep Red (1975)

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Dario Argento is great but can be hard to follow. This is one of his most famous, but less ambiguous than his films like Inferno or Opera. Deep Red is an art house murder mystery about a man investigating a string of murders after he witnesses one of the murders in a distant window. This film features the classic Argento lighting, fantastic locations, arrest me red blood, and one of my favorite Goblin scores. This was the first time he collaborated with Goblin and Daria Nicolodi. This feels like all of the signature Argento tricks all come together. I find the camera work in this film to be mesmerising and clearly top notch cinematography. Deep red is the fifth film Dario Argento directed and is arguably one of his best. There is little to critique in such a well thought out film such as this. It's an easy 9 out 10. Check it out! It's a horror classic and not talked about enough, this film helped set up Susperia.

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