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Halloween (1978)

Updated: May 13, 2022

In 1963, on Halloween, a six year Micheal Myers stabbed his sister to death seemingly unprovoked. After fifteen years in an institution he manages to escape. He returns to his hometown to kill every babysitter on his old street. This movie is credited as the original slasher, but you could argue other films like Black Christmas beat them to it, using the P.O.V. shots first as well. The original or not, this is a classic. It came before the over the top gore and violence in a lot of horror post 1980. It solidified horror movie tropes like falling over and over or dropping weapons next to an "unconscious" killer. Micheal Myers's look and presence is menacing, though he spends a good portion of the film cruising his old neighborhood in a hijacked station wagon.

Donald Pleasents as Dr. Loomis chasing Micheal is like Van Helsing chasing Dracula. This was Jame Lee Curtis's first staring role, and she nailed it. I'm glad she sticks it out for the whole series, the forty year series. She appears in five of the eleven Halloween movies, even the most resent installment. The autumn atmosphere is impressive, you almost have to watch it in the fall. As one of the first to start the slasher sub genre this film is a little like the Blair witch, or paranormal activity of it time. I rate this one an 8.5 out of 10. It was scary but was not so scary I thought it was real. Watch this one when you want to yell at the t.v. screen.

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