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Hellraiser (1987)

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Some films I'm surprised are on free on Youtube, and this is one of the biggest surprises. I have always thought this one feels more epic and is one of the top tier films in the horror genre and for good reason. Hellraiser has it all, it starts with the story grounding in the middle east just like "The Exorcist". There is a box that summons demons and it is established early in the opening sequence the level of violence this movie will contain. The house is the location most of the film takes place and it is appropriately gross and creepy. The cenobites are an original and clearly motivated antagonist. Even Clare Higgins, one of the main characters, is horrifying in her clearly perfected bitch face. Body horror and extreme sadistic violence are the dominant themes of the cenobites. There are lots of gory effects that look like something you would see in your local seasonal haunted house on top of a lot of blood and a decaying house that will ruin your appetite. This is a good movie for any horror fan, it is a staple in the genre and should be viewed by anyone who likes 80's horror. It's a 8 out 10 in my opinion. It has a gritty and real atmosphere not quite to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre level of raw but an admiral job.

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