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Pet Sematary (1989)

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

One of the better Steven King adaptions, Pet Sematary is super creepy from the opening credits to the closing scene. This movie boasts some of the most neglectful and illegitimate parents in horror history. This is on display in the opening scenes of the movie. We meet the families new neighbor "Jud" played by Fred Gwynne. Jed saves the couples youngest and introduces the family to the pet sematary and sets the plot in motion.

Church the cat will provide plenty of scares and might get the attention of any cat in a room this movie is playing in. A movie full of bad parenting finally catches up with the parents at the expense of Gage. There are many creepy elements of this movie. There are a few scary parts of this story including Zelda and Paxcow is not only a strange name, he provides gory atmosphere, and displays the best of this films practical effects. This movie is fun, it never lets up. This is an 8.5 out 10. It is a great story. The actors preformed very well. I would recommend this to any horror fan.

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