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The Forest (1982)

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

The best thing about this low budget slasher rip off is the cover art. The film looks generic and is full of tropes. It even has the early throw away characters that get killed off in the opening scene. The leads are two couples in unhealthy relationships. They go on seperate camping trips in a sort of battle of the sexes. The women are attacked by a cannibal living in the woods while bad synth music plays in the background. The acting is pretty bad. I especially dislike the killer, he is too weak and almost compromising. You never want to make a slasher look so pathetic. They cover his backstory and it does not help. His wife cheats on him all the time and he snaps and kills her and one of her lovers. He then moves into the woods to live as a hermit. The score is super inappropriate and the acton sequences are some of the worst I've seen. The only unique take is the two ghost children that try to help the couples escape their father. It has a supernatural element that provides a creepy spark the film needs. This is not an impressive film but has just enough charm to keep you watching to the end. As for the end, all I can say is that it ended. This is weak horror, not something to start with. I would recommended it to people that really love horror, I can see this turning people off. I also think there is a certain crowd that would love this movie. I am not in that crowd. I give this a 5 out of 10, everything about it is"B" quality. You have to like a certain kind of movie to enjoy this film.

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