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Alligator (1980)

Updated: May 13, 2022

This film was a surprise. I had all kinds of preconceived notions about a B style creature film that was found on youtube. I had never heard of this film, and maybe that's why I felt the need to write about this fun and underappreciated B movie gem. It establishes the plot early with a predictable premise. An alligator gets into the sewer, where it finds lab altered animal corpses to eat that make the gator grow to a ridiculous size. The story is basic and the film knows what it is, yet is still able to be unique and fun. From the opening scene to the first kill is the hardest to watch but is redeemed by the grossest person on the planet getting what he deserves. From there it is a lot of fun. The movie does not limit itself to the sewer, and uses a lot of different angles and views like an 80's version of a gator go pro to show off the creature. The effects vary but are mostly impressive. The effects are practical, the camera does not shy away from action throughout the gators reign of terror. Lewis Teague who is a very experienced director did a great job of walking the line of humor and maintaining a serious story, even providing some good tension and suspense. The unique characters are some of the funner parts of the film. The acting is mixed but good for a B movie. Don't take this film seriously, it's just fun. It's great for watching with friends. I give this an 8 of 10. I find it is rewatchable, and the kind of film I want to show others.

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