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Basket Case 2 (1990)

Updated: May 13, 2022

I had been avoiding this film for years before I was finally inspired by Kill Count on Youtube to watch this incredible sequel. (Thank you to James A. Janisse and the whole crew that runs that channel!). The original was a masterpiece of low budget B-movie monster horror. The sequel has a larger budget, a slightly more complex story and even has subplots. Ignoring the fact that this was filmed eight years later, it picks up right after the end of the original. Dwane and Belile survive and find sanctuary with a woman who takes in people like Belile. All the other unique individuals look terrifying in the strangest way as they fight for their privacy. The lighting and shots are set up much better than the original. There are still a lot of flaws but I found this to be a good example of a film that knows what it is and is not taking itself too seriously. I would say this film even has little twists throughout that you couldn't see coming and an ending that will disgust you. It is still a cheesy low brow horror, but I give this a surprising 6 out of 10. This film defied expectations, though it's hard to watch at times.

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