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Dolls (1987)

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Dolls is a campy horror with light comedy splattered through out. It was directed by Stuart Gordon, who wrote for the re-animator and honey I blew up the kid most notably. The premise is a staple to horror, people seek shelter from a storm in a scary old house. In this case it is two yuppies with poor parenting skills and their daughter. They are greeted inside by a very friendly old couple played by Hilary Mason and Guy Rolfe. Their performance is a highlight of the film. They both walk the line of creepy and sweet without fail. Reminiscent to. A large man shows up with a loud woman, in this case two punk women, and make a ruckus as they let themselves in. This sets up only one likable character as the little girl Judy.

She is played by Carrie Lorraine who is no Miko Hughes or Linda Blair but is convincing in this role. She sees one of the punk women being dragged into a room and recruites the skeptical man child they arrived with to look for her. Together they find their way to figure things out and survive the night, with everything getting wrapped up with a convenient imaginary note. The kills are cheesy. How scary can dolls be? This film has just enough comedy not take itself to seriously but still try to scare you. The stop motion and make up effects are not top of the line. Some of the acting performances leave something to be desired but there are some really good scenes sprinkled throughout. This is a good classic horror film. I give it a 6.5 out of 10 I would recommend it to a young horror fan or a horror enthusiast.

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