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Snowbeast (1977)

Updated: May 13, 2022

It is what you think it is.

There is nothing worse than B-role of people skiing and this film has plenty of boring footage. Watching people ski sucks especially when they suck. The story to this is obvious and predictable. You know there is a snow beast living near a ski resort, it kills people and needs to be found and killed. This is a made for T.V. movie that boasts Sylvia Sidney who was the death clerk in Beetlejuice and starred in Mars Attacks among other movies in her very prolific career before those two films. Bo Svenson also stars in this which adds to the feeling of missing a Riff-Trax. I would not watch this again, it was very bland. I give it a 4 of 10 because it was lame. It was obviously not trying to show the the terrible looking monster. The story was more character based which is not why you put on a yeti film, I want to see stupid skiers die in crazy and grusom fashion on the slopes. I would recommend this to people who don't like fun or excitement. Just kidding, this is good for some, but not if you are looking for gore or terror. The top photo is what you think you're going to get, the bottom is what you get in reality. 4 of 10

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