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The Breed (2006)

Updated: May 13, 2022

I think this film is very under rated. It might be a guilty pleasure, but i think this movie is entertaining as hell. It was directed by Nicholas Mastandrea. It is the only film he has directed, though he has been the assistant director for aaaaalot of great movies including

the first three Screams. This film stars Taryn Manning, Michelle Rodrigues, Oliver Hudson, Hill Harper and Eric Lively.It is the story of a group of friends that end up on an island that is overrun with ravenous dogs and these dogs are scary! All the dogs a real, there is little need for special effects. It does not take a lot to create tension or fear with just one dog, let alone a whole pack. I love that this film is based in reality. There is no supernatural element to it, but is still a strong horror film. It is not all good. It follows a very familiar formula. It has a lot of horror tropes. At times it tries to utilize cheap scares. I also think the characters are not all relatable or likable. The acting performances are about as good as your standard Friday the 13th film (not the dogs, the dogs were great). Instead of a masked stalker this film gives you dogs, which is a fun unique take on the slasher genre. I like this enough to give it an 8 of 10. I would recommend it to just about anyone who wants to watch a good horror film. Its good daytime horror. I would not recommend it to anyone who scared of dogs or has been bitten by one.

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