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The Willies (1990)

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

The Willies is a low budget anthology directed by Brian Peck who has a healthy acting career, you might remember as "Scuz" in return of the living dead. This is his only Director credit. It's not very good in a lot of ways, the acting is not very good, except for a couple of good performances, the humor, the lighting, the effects, the score, the stories, I could go on. The film starts with some kids in a tent telling scary stories. Que the bad acting. Sean Astin is one of the few good actors you would recognize along with James Karen, also from return of the living dead. The first Main story is about a kid that gets bullied at school. Some kind of turd monster kills the janitor and puts on his skin, kills some people and gets hired at another school. My favorite part is when the main character and turd monster play catch with a urinal cake. The absurdity continues from there, I don't need to get into detail.

The Second story is more gross than anything. It stars the kid from salute your shorts, Michael Bower. He is a horrible little kid. He has one of the creepiest hobbies ever. The story is long and I find myself wondering if it is going anywhere. It does but it won't surprise or impress. This story is to long and slow for the underwhelming climax. The mix of creepy and attempted humor is a specific demographic. This might be a good one to watch with friends in a troll 2 sort of way. I give it a 3 out of 10. I would not recommend this to anyone, unless you are a glutton for punishment or with a group of friends and want to make fun of a bad movie.

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